Monday, July 16, 2012

From Barely Viable to Versatile: My Unworthy Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

The Enchanting  Eveli Acosta has nominated me and fourteen others for the Versatile Blogger Award. Let me be the first to say this: I am so undeserving. My blogging has been virtually non-existent as a meander through the bloggiverse searching for my place, my niche. I am but a wanderer of worlds, searching for a wormhole in which to cast my ramblings behind me as breadcrumbs in hope that some may pick up the trail and follow after.

Still, Eveli is a tremendous author and blogger who cares about others of her kin and ilk, and I humbly accept the nomination if for nothing else than to say that. Also, it allows me to pass the award along to fellow travelers, chucking the karmic boomerang into the void to see where it might land. Not just a blind toss, for I have walked these crossroads before. But still, it is often twilight here, and the wind plays tricks now and then.

But enough of that.

In receiving this I am required to:

*Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award 

"THANK YOU EVELI!!!" the denizens of Make Believe shout, grunt, and keen in unison.

*Include a link to their blog in you post, as well as the award image

*Give 7 random facts about yourself 
~Discretionary note: all facts about me are random~

1. My first complete sentence was "Come on down!", shouted out at my Grandma Hutson's house. She was a faithful follower of Bob Barker and The Price is Right.

2. My first psychic experience happened when I was nine. One morning I wanted to take my teddy bear, Big John, to school. (Not a very nine year old thing to do.) My parents said no, saving me from another thing for bullies to focus on, and I cried vehemently. I took a Nerf football instead. That day our house burned down, just a few days after my ninth birthday. Big John was a Christmas present from my grandparents.

3. I saved my sister from a swarm of yellow jackets after she walked on their nest and then panicked, running in place as they stung her over and over. We were walking along a creek out by Emmaline Tucker's, a wooded area in our hometown. I was on the other side, and dove in the creek and swam to her, throwing her in the creek. When I grabbed her, the yellow jackets washed over me like a wet blanket of sharp needles. My sister was afraid of flies for weeks afterwards.

4. I caught a frog at recess one time and snuck it into class in my pocket. When the science teacher turned off the lights for the film reel, the amphibian thought it was night and began to croak from its bed in my jeans. So fearful I was of being found out that I asked to go to the bathroom, and, I am ashamed to say, flushed my new found friend down the toilet.

5. I had the starring role in the Pyramid Players' summer production of Oliver twist when I was 9 years old. (Busy year for me. 9 is still my favorite number somehow.)

6. I sung "I Believe" by Brooks and Dunn in front of nearly 5,000 fans at the Southern Illinois Miner's minor league baseball game as part of a karaoke contest.

7. I am licensed to legally marry couples through the American Marriage ministries. I have performed 3 marriages so far.

*Include links to the nominated bloggers' sites 

~See above~

*Let the other bloggers know that they have been nominated for the award.

"YOU'VE BEEN NOMINATED!!!" the multitudes of Make Believers cry out!

(I will let you all know via facebook, twitter, etc.)

Now, to live up to the billing. Thanks again, Eveli! 


  1. Gosh, you're brilliant Eric and what style you have!

    Love all your random facts about you, most especially your discretionary note! Your story about saving your sister from the wasps sounds painful. I've been stung (repeatedly) by yellow jackets and this is a seriously-NO-fun experience.

    Interesting that you have a fav number. Me too, only mine is 11! Bet not everyone has a fav number.

    I'm honored that you nominated me. Thanks, Eric :)

    1. OH! And loved the vid! I'll just add "brave" and "excellent voice" to your list characteristics. :)

    2. The yellow jackets was a terrible experience, but it makes its way into a story (eventually). "The Legend of Emmaline Tucker". Look for it sometime soon over here in Make Believe! : )Thanks for always encouraging me! You rock!