Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dreamwalking Wednesday- Dream Houses

Last night I dreamed I was visiting a very unique home. It was part of a complex of similar apartments. The one I was visiting was #16.

The entrance to the apartments were ivory crests of concrete in the shape of waves, and you walked underneath them like a surfer would ride a pipeline towards the dark hardwood door. The steps leading up to the entrance were lined with black wrought-iron railing.

Once inside, the apartment opened up to a modern living space with warm earth tones: rich browns and vibrant oranges ordained the artwork and rugs of the small but cozy living room. The interesting thing about the living room was that there were two bathtubs open and adjacent to the space. A large ivory claw-foot tub faced outward and led the eye to the rest of the apartment, while a smaller stainless steel tub hugged an out-jutting wall. There were bath toys around this tub, and the white wall it nestled against was adorned with a mosaic of colored tiles in the shape of a shark.

A walkway led from the living room to a concrete table exactly like the ones you find at parks and recreation areas. The kitchen was off to the right of the table, small but inviting. Yellow and orange hues dressed the smooth cabinets and reflected off the black-tile floor. Stainless steel pots and pans hung over a small island in the middle, interspersed with colorful plastic serving utensils that made the arrangement look like  a modernistic floral display. Soft lighting filtered throughout the entire space.

Several concrete steps led down from in front of the table into a recreation space or den. One dark leather couch framed the back wall and faced an enormous flat-screen television hung on the opposite wall. The lighting was dimmer in this room, but the interesting aspect of this space was the trio of rounded seats that seemed to be poured from concrete and molded straight into the floor. The tops of these mushroom seats were covered with the same tiles as the shark from the living room. They looked like small Halloween ghosts wearing stained glass beanies.

Why am I sharing this with you? The main reason is that I find dreams fascinating and take great stock in what they have to say, more so than most I would think. Is this space somewhere I will visit someday? What is the significance of the number 16, if anything? What about the shark mosaic? Is there a hint there? Looking back on the dream, I have noticed the entire apartment points to an island theme- the wave entrance, the shark mosaic. The strange seats in the den could very well be artistic visions of some coral reef.

Another reason is that I'm wondering how many of you dream in color? Is this an attribute most creative people share? What hues permeate your dream-scape?

Finally, I think as creative souls we all have our dream-spaces. Places where we go to dream and work our craft, and places we visit that only our internal vision lets us see. And everyone has a dream home, a place they would love to live someday. Me? It would be a tropical tree house with a high-hanging hammock from which to write...and dream from.What is your dream home? Whatever it is, I hope you find it someday!
Until then, keep dreaming, my friends!



  1. What a cool tour you've taken me on! What a fun place! Sounds like a really interesting vacation home. You didn't mention a guest room. Please dream one up next time.

    "They looked like small Halloween ghosts wearing stained glass beanies." What a great line!

    When I was a kid I remember watching Disney's version of The Swiss Family Robinson. Oh, how I wanted to get stranded on that island with them! How cool was their house?

    I love dreams, too. I basically follow the Jungian theory on dreams: everything in a dream is a representation or part of YOU. I’ve had some very interesting and important revelations by analyzing my dreams this way. A few years ago I had a dream that I lived in a castle. It was amazing and the details were incredibly vivid.
    That's my dream space. I've built it in my head, now I just need to build it in "real" life!

    Excellent post, Eric :)

  2. I hope you get your castle someday! Thanks for dropping by! Keep Dreaming! : )